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  About the Co-op  

Our preschool has been run successfully as a Parent Cooperative since 1971. We are governed by a parent elected Board made up of current parents. Our Advisory Board consists of past parents and teachers. Parents share the willingness to work together along with the teachers to manage our school. As today's parents have become busier, we have scaled back the requirements of parental involvement to help fit their schedules. The Lisbon Montessori Preschool would not have been so successful for 48 years without the commitment of our families.

  Requirements of Co-op  

  • Fall Beautification Day: This is at the end of August before the start of school. We are preparing for the upcoming school year with this cleaning. It is a great opportunity to meet other parents and explore the school. A fee of $50 can be paid if you choose not to clean.

  • Fundraisers: There are two mandatory fundraisers yearly to defray the costs of running the school and keep tuition costs down. There are other fundraisers throughout the year but they are optional. A fee of $50 per fundraiser can be paid if you choose not to participate.

  • Weekend Cleanings: Approximately once every 12 weeks a family is needed to clean part of the school. This helps keep the school in good order throughout the year. It's also a great opportunity to see what the students are currently working on. A fee of $100 per cleaning can be paid if you choose not to clean. 

  Opportunities of Co-op  

  • Parent of the Day: Two parents are present in the school each day. They have various duties surrounding snack time, the kitchen, light cleaning and general help where needed. This is an awesome opportunity to see your child's school experience first hand. The children look forward to the different family members who will be present that day!

  • Co-op meetings: There are around 4-6 meetings per school year. This is an opportunity as a family to put forth your input on how the school is organized and currently operating. We address previous concerns, cover financials of the school, pick dates for future events plus so much more.

  • Committees: There are several committees you can sign up for at the first co-op meeting. These committees help split the duties, responsibilities and tasks needed to be completed for the future school year. They are a great way to get to know fellow families and help special occasions (like our Christmas program, fundraisers, field trips + so much more) run smoothly.

  • Board member positions: Each fall new members are elected from current families to sit as Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The position of President is an advancement office, the President of this year was the Vice President of last year. The officers help oversee other parts of the preschool's operations.

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