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  About Our Preschool  

Maria Montessori characterized the first three years of life as the period when maximum developmental absorption occurs.  This is why our classrooms are designed in such a way as to provide a nurturing, secure and challenging environment.  Maria Montessori believed that a prepared environment in which impediments to development were removed and where children were allowed to freely discover their needs and tendencies, formed the first basis to education.  


Our class is led by a Montessori-Trained Lead Teacher who is certified by the North American Montessori Center with more than 17 years of experience teaching the Montessori curriculum. We also have a Assistant Teacher who is very passionately and actively pursuing her certification from the North American Montessori Center.

Our Montessori preschool environment is designed for children three to five years of age. It is a place for toddlers to discover their independence in a safe and purposefully planned classroom while working with age appropriate lessons. 


  Daily Activities:  

The school day typically begins with individual instruction and independent work.  The students frequently work in small groups, or with a teacher who presents lessons according to child-readiness.  Mid-morning, the children gather for snack time.  They serve themselves and clean up after themselves.  Grace, courtesy, and table manners are modeled and encouraged by the teachers. Parents take turns preparing a healthy snack each day for the entire class.  


Music and circle time are an important part of the curriculum to round out the morning. Children engage in musical activities and children’s music.  Circle time activities also include phonemic activities, movement and dance, stories and songs in preparation for language art readiness.

A variety of experiences are provided for the children throughout the school year. Field trips, rope walks, and library visits are a few experiences outside of the classroom to enhance the children's educational opportunity.

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